Interim Management

We offer our clients a specialized executive search and selection service for scheduled projects. The professional is hired for a specific project to implement certain changes for the company's future.

They are professionals with proven experience in business who agree to carry out a specific project with our client for a limited time to respond to certain situations or specific problems: mergers, acquisitions, staff restructuring, treasury planning, cost reduction, the launching of certain projects, etc.

This modality, where STATUS EMA PARTNERS SPAIN signs a contract for a fixed period directly with the professional, is widespread in developed countries and provides clear benefits to the professionals and their employers at a very reasonable cost.

STATUS EMA PARTNERS SPAIN offers its extensive knowledge of the market to choose professionals with proven expertise in specific business tasks who agree to work for specific periods of time and concrete objectives.

Procuring consulting professionals with proven experience, such as STATUS EMA PARTNERS SPAIN, implies that the choice of candidate for INTERIM MANAGEMENT is guaranteed to be successful.